On-Line Recruitment

Hiring right the first time can save you time and money. The following WorkSource resources can help you find the employees you need.

Post Jobs On-Line

Posting your job openings on-line through WorkSource is easy to do and it gives your positions maximum exposure. The following options are available to you:

Option #1: WorkSource-Assisted Recruitment

This option allows you to post positions online through WorkSource through our Business Services team. Your company’s identity is concealed until we refer interested job seekers that appear to be qualified. This option increases the quality of applications you receive, and you still maintain control over formal screening and hiring processes.

To get started, call or email WorkSource Business Services:

Tailored Recruiting through WorkSource

You can also work directly with WorkSource staff to arrange in-person recruiting at WorkSource, to fax in hard copies of job openings for posting in our resource room, or to speak to a Business Services Representative about your employment needs.

Option #2: Independent Recruitment

You can also  post positions directly on WorkSourceWA.com. Job seekers that are interested in applying will contact you directly, giving you full control over screening and hiring processes.

WorkSourceWA.com is an internet job board managed by the Washington State Employment Security Department. It typically contains over 4,500 King County jobs.

Note: The first time you use this option, you will be asked to register so an account can be set up for you. You will be asked to provide your Unified Business Identifier (UBI) number. Your account is activated 24 hours after registration. If you need assistance in listing your job opening on our Job Bank, contact your local WorkSource office.

Look At Resumes

Thousands of job seekers have posted résumés to the WorkSource Talent Bank. (Log in to search resumes.) Search this database by location, occupational category or keywords to find potential applicants who meet your employment needs.