Help During Layoffs

These uncertain economic times can be challenging! If you find your company will need to lay off employees or close it’s doors, contact WorkSource immediately. The Rapid Response Team assists businesses by providing resources and on-site services that will make this transition easier for both you and your employees. 

Services include:

  • Unemployment insurance information 
  • Help coordinating employee assistance strategies
  • Career fairs brought to your company to provide employees with convenient access to education and training resources
  • Links to community services
  • Applications for NAFTA-TAA benefits, if appropriate 
  • Job fairs that are marketed to attract employers that are looking for your employees’ skill sets

Business Contact for Seattle-King County Rapid Response: 

Antje Koenig

Employees who will be affected by layoffs should not use this contact. Instead, contact your company’s Human Resource Department and/or visit your local WorkSource office.

An Alternative to Layoffs

Participating in the Shared Work Program provides an alternative to layoffs of skilled employees during times of temporary economic downturn. This program is administered by the Shared Work Unit in Olympia. Click on the above link to learn more about this program and how it might benefit your company and the staff you employ.